The Welding Society of Finland (WSF)

The Welding Society of Finland (WSF) was established in 1949 to promote welding expertise and interactions between professional in the field of welding, allied processes and NDT. Present membership exceeds 3000 individual human members and 130 industrial and training bodies. The office of the Society locates in Helsinki and there are 13 local units throughout the major industrial regions of Finland.

The WSF performs the following activities in welding and associated processes:
  • Welding education and qualification
  • Research and development
  • Publishing and marketing
  • Activities and services for individual and industrial members
  • Activation of young people to enter welding and allied processes
  • National member of EWF and IIW

The WSF acts as the ANB of Finland for both EWF and IIW/IAB welding education and qualification. 


Chief Executive of ANB

Juha Kauppila